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My photographic career has traveled and crossed many ridges: between film and digital, between narration and abstraction, between research and aesthetics. And what is the use of walking on the ridges, if not to cast a different view of the world?



A selection from a monumental work on the landscape of Tuscany, formed by a miraculous balance between History and Nature and handed down to us thanks to a careful management of the anthropized territory. The images, all in panoramic format, recall the settings and lights of the great painters of the Renaissance and were used to create three consecutive editions of the prestigious giant calendar of the magazine Geo Saison.



A work on Change, the only certainty of existence.
36 invertible film photographs taken in Beirut - a city where I have had significant human and professional experience on several occasions - were treated with 36 different bathrooms using solutions containing elements that I had collected on site. Elements with their poetic load, but also with a significant chemical value: sea water along the Corniche, dust from the buildings still crumbled by bullets, land of the "Green Line", leaves, grass, sand and stones ...

 The forced degradation of the film - a simulacrum of the passage of time - has deformed the substrate and with this the final image: The result is nothing more than the revelation of our most obvious predictions, but with a surprise: the metamorphosis towards destruction sometimes passes through states of unexpected aesthetic balance.



For the first time in the history of the city, there are only a few dozen artisans left in Florence. The "botteghe" project consists in documenting workplaces (the "botteghe", in fact) in their everyday life, without any alteration of lights or objects.

The craftsman is absent, his presence is sensed, but it is not known if and when he will return. The shop is empty, silent witness to the gradual disappearance of traditional works and with them, of the centuries-old culture of "know-how".



Seldom has a job given me so much sense of freedom. The only constraint of this project was the technical difficulty of producing images to be printed in large dimensions, so as to cover a wall. The rest was fantasy, research, play, experimentation.