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I've been a photographer since 1987, and that's 33 years old. To take the pictures I wanted to take, I traveled millions of kilometers on five continents, I slept in two thousand different places, living two thousand different mornings. I made at least 1800 take-offs and as many landings, almost all good, (probably because I wasn't flying the plane). And the boarding cards of all those flights ended up as a bookmark to the books that I have read in the meantime, and of which I don't remember much, but I hope that something has remained inside me.


I also took a number of photographs, some even good ones: the ones that still seem presentable to me today and mean something to me I am collecting here, with the stories behind them. You just have to take a look, which is the best thing that can happen to a photograph. Images are visual ideas and showing them is the best way to circulate them, to make a flash in the eyes and mind of the beholder, generating new ideas, new photographs.

guido cozzi photographer


Born in Florence in 1962. For specialized publishing I have made hundreds of photographic services of a geographical, ethnographic and tourist nature. With Stefano Amantini and Massimo Borchi I founded, in 1991, Atlantide Phototravel, a photographic agency specializing in travel reportage and later Tethys Gallery, a small and dynamic Florentine gallery. Today I alternate photographic campaigns for large international archives with the production of photographic books and art catalogs, Fine Art projects and services for the Corporate sector.

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