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The world of Flamenco

It happens that one leaves for Spain to make a report on the world of Flamenco. And while he follows a precise lineup photographing guitar makers, skilled artisans, dance schools and sordid peñas, he intercepts the Romeria de El Rocio. And then he lets himself be carried by this endless and festive caravan to where Spain ends, in a village of white lime and sand, where the "caballeros" pay homage to the Virgin and with elegant and precise gestures invite the Andalusian señoritas to dance.




The epic of coal and steel in West Germany has its own joyful hyperbole: at the end of the era of forges and rolling mills, what had been the dusty kingdom of the Thyssen and Krupps has become, thanks to an intelligent policy of reconversion , a praise of the rediscovered nature and a huge museum of contemporary art, where the works are gigantic and visionary landmarks.

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