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Haciendas Hopping

A journey through the spectacular Andean landscapes of the Cordillera, dotted with volcanoes and ancient farms that today open their rooms to receive guests from all over the world



Ipanema Beach

Vinicius de Moraes sang "Garota de Ipanema" enchanted by the poignant beauty of that beach and the various humanity that populates it. In the shadow of the Morro des dos Irmaos thousands of garotas renew the myth of Brasil and its people every day



Trip to Brasil

The largest country in the world, as his brilliant son, Jorge Amado liked to call it, remains the largest country in the world. And it is not a question of square kilometers, but of the infinite ways in which Brazil declines the grandeur of the landscape, the diversity of cultures, customs and traditions, human complexity and its beauty.



Hawaii, the islands of Myth

You may not like the Waikiki beach, with that frame of hotels and fake palm trees, and you can also play snobs in front of the buses of Japanese visiting Maui. But Hawaii has built their myth on other myths: ocean waves and surfers, volcano stones and Pele, their absolute idol, lush nature and the Perl Harbor affair. And finally the Polynesian culture and those beautiful girls who play the hukulele welcome you with garlands of flowers. It may be all a bit false, but you can't mess with myths.