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Gerewol of Wanaabe

Wedding in the desert

Every year, at the end of the rainy season, the Wanaabe people meet in large tribal gatherings on the edge of the Sahara desert to renew family ties, business, friendship. It is an opportunity to celebrate weddings. And it is the young women who choose the future husbands selected from dozens of well-kept, tireless warrior dancers.



Between sea and desert

Sand, sand as far as the eye can see. And where the sand ends, the sea begins. It could be said that Mauritania is all here, and that would also be true. But the desert, like the sea, is a world apart and then we could talk for hours about the granite monoliths that emerge from the sands, the ancient caravan routes that reached the city where precious libraries are still preserved today, the huge mine of zouerat and the endless train that crosses the desert to the port of  Nouadhibou, of the sandy islands where millions of birds nest and the fishermen renew every day a thousand-year fishing technique in symbiosis with the dolphins, and one would only have begun to say what Mauritania.



Zambezi Safari

An adventurous descent of the Zambezi River, one of the great African waterways by seaplane, rafting, canoe. From the spectacular Victoria Falls to the Ruckomechi Camp, one of the most remote nature lodges in Zimbabwe.



African nostalgia

Beyond Timbuktù there is only the desert. For many, this would be enough to set out on the tracks that crossed the Sahara, or sailing along the great Niger River that arches throughout the country and mixes people and destinies, carries things and stories. Mali is a concentrate of Africa with African sickness.